Ridgewood Emergency Services - TIES Team Assists with Memorial Day 2018

A strong showing of Ridgewood Emergency Services Teenagers In Emergency Services (TIES) at the Ridgewood Memorial Day Run. These High School Students provide a vital role in the organization. All are CPR trained and many become EMTs and later pursue a carear in Health or Emergency Services.

For more information, contact TIES Captain Corinne Scarpa by email at membership@ridgewood911.org or by calling 201-670-5570.

Ridgewood Emergency Services Adds New Ambulance to Fleet

Chief Tony Lillo announced that the department purchased a new 2018 Ford F-550, four-wheel drive,Type I Horton ambulance from VCI Emergency Vehicles.

This new ambulance will replace a 2007 Ford E-450 Type III Road Rescue Ambulance, one that has been in service for 11 years.

Village of Ridgewood Emergency Medical Services Week

The Village Council of the Village of Ridgewood has proclaimed the week of May 20th through May 26th as Emergency Medical Services Week and encourages the community to support Ridgewood Emergency Medical Services, as well as all of their programs, ceremonies, and activities.

Ridgewood Emergency Services responded to 1631 requests for assistance in 2017 and is a vital public service. Emergency Services is the largest volunteer agency in the Village of Ridgewood. The members are are ready to serve those in need 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Ridgewood Emergency Services Hosts Stop-The-Bleed Day

Stop the Bleed Day, a National Initiative program, held at Ridgewood Emergency Services drew a full house of interested citizens to learn how they can be the first line of defense in helping to saving a life. The Stop the Bleed program is a national awareness campaign and a call to action.

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Ridgewood Emergency Services Has a Full Compliment of Volunteers on Duty for Noreaster

Ridgewood Emergency Services had a full compliment of volunteers on duty operating during yesterdays noreaster.

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Hands on at Super Science Saturday

On March 3rd, 2018, Ridgewood Emergency Services participated in Ridgewood's 30th year of Super Science Saturday, challenging students and adult alike to think widely about how science is involved in all parts of our lives.

RES members demonstrated various pieces of equipment with the student hands on interaction.

New Rescue Truck for Ridgewood Emergency Services

The Volunteers of Ridgewood Emergency Services have placed into service, a new Rescue Truck, replacing an aging vehicle that was not meeting the needs of the Department.This Rescue Truck will be used to provide scene lighting, generator power, traffic control and rehabilitation at emergency scenes while supporting EMS, Police, and Fire Department operations in providing a safer environment for all responders to complete the mission at hand.

Ridgewood Emergency Services Chief Tony Lillo stated that “Deputy Chief Ryan Savaria and his committee spent countless hours in preparing what type of vehicle would best serve the Departments needs and that of the Village of Ridgewood.” The Rescue Truck was customized and built to specifications set by the committee.”

The chassis is a 2017 Ford F550 with a 5-seat crew cab crew and an 11-foot rescue body. There are slide out trays on each side for easy access to the equipment. A rear slide out tray provides for easy access for traffic incident management devices. The Rescue Truck has sufficient storage space for everything necessary to support an emergency scene. There is an onboard 8000-watt generator, telescoping LED flood lights to illuminate emergency scenes at night. Unique to this truck, is that it is the only Rescue Truck in Bergen County with a large rear roof mounted LED Variable Message Board for traffic direction, providing clear instruction to motorists. The Message Board aids in the safety of the responders on the scene.

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Ridgewood EMT Is One of the First to Use Twiage in NJ

Ridgewood Emergency Services has joined a small group of EMS providers in New Jersey to pilot Twiage, a communication triage system that delivers patient information to hospitals before arrival, exponentially accelerating emergency services.

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Ridgewood Emergency Services Now Equipped With CPAP Devices

Ridgewood Emergency Services ambulances will now carry advanced continuous positive airway pressure devices, which can help patients with breathing problems. The CPAP is a breathing device which improves vital signs, gas exchange, lessens the work of breathing and decreases the sense of shortness of breath in patients who have pneumonia, asthma, and congestive heart failure to name a few.

"Ridgewood is one of the few communities in the State of New Jersey that has its EMTs trained in this advanced medical care as part of the emergency medical services," said Dr. Robert Lahita, medical director for Ridgewood Emergency Services. Advanced Life Support Paramedics from the hospitals could previously only provide this service...

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Ridgewood Emergency Services Adds New Ambulance to Fleet

Chief Tony Lillo announced that the department purchased a new 2016 Ford F-450, four-wheel drive,Type I Horton ambulance from VCI Emergency Vehicles. “In accordance with our fleet replacement plan, this new ambulance will replace a 2000 Ford E-450 Type III PL Custom ambulance, one that has been in service for 15 years, well beyond its expected replacement date,” Lillo said.

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Just like the community we serve, the membership of Ridgewood Emergency Services (RES) is very diverse. Since our department consists of volunteers, each of our members have life commitments outside of the department. Our members have various backgrounds, including: stay-at-home moms, students, nurses, engineers, police officers, paramedics, firefighters, project managers, small-business owners, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, and countless other professions throughout Bergen County and beyond.

Despite their busy lives, RES members donate many hours to the community each year. There are several different ways for you to become a member, allowing you to pick the opportunity that fits your lifestyle and schedule best.

Our agency runs smoothly because of the dedication of our membership and elected leaders. Our department officers work tirelessly to make sure that our members have the tools they need to effectively serve our village and surrounding towns.

There are a few perks enjoyed by members of the department, above and beyond the enjoyment of helping others. We benefit from free membership to the local YMCA and Graydon Pool, discounts on cell phone bills, discounts on continuing education courses at various colleges, and free department-related continuing education. Members also gain valuable networking and communication skills by working together in high-stress situations and with members that have very different professional backgrounds. We also schedule many family-friendly events together outside of the department, including but not limited to: Bowling nights, Paintball trips, White Water Rafting trips, Movie nights, and more!

Prospective Members
As a volunteer organization, RES is always looking for those who would love to serve their community. If you are interested in becoming a part of our family, a tour of our facility is highly recommended and can be scheduled through TIES Captain Corrine Scarpa by calling (201)670-5589 or by emailing us at membership@ridgewood911.org.

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