The Special Operations Division

This unit consists of members of ages 18 to retirement along with 6 specialized vehicles, 2 Trailers, and various other equipment. Part of their job is to assist Public Safety in emergency situations where manpower is limited. When a storm hits, trees and wires frequently come down all over the town presenting traffic situations with blocked streets and safety issues. This situation develops rapidly, and many times, ferociously. During these situations the Police and Fire Department quickly become overwhelmed with high volume of calls and need our members to fill the void of staffing and create a safe environment for the village while additional resources become available. These situations can sometimes cause power outages; we are equipped to provide generators for items like powering traffic lights, assisting homeowners with power for medical equipment like oxygen concentrators and many varied needs.

This unit can also provide resources for emergency or special planned events. Examples of this would be Mass casualty events, fires, building collapses, or evacuations. We also have an all-terrain vehicle that can assist with areas of high pedestrian traffic or where access is impossible with an ambulance (such as Ridgewood High School football games or large gatherings downtown).

Examples of assistance we have provided include:

  • Setup of Helicopter Landing Zones
  • Assistance with Emergency Communications for Super bowl XLVIII
  • Setup of Portable Treatment Areas for events including The Fourth of July and Memorial Day
  • Provide Lighting for The Ridgewood Car Show, Street Fair, Downtown for the Holidays, and Other Night Events.

We also have specialized units that include:

  • Dive Team
  • Swift Water Rescue
  • Communications and incident Command
  • MCI Trailer
  • Light Tower and Generators

Prospective Members
As a volunteer organization, RES is always looking for those who would love to serve their community. If you are interested in becoming a part of our family, a tour of our facility is highly recommended and can be scheduled through TIES Captain Corrine Scarpa by calling (201)670-5589 or by emailing us at

Current Officers:
  Capt. Steve Chiesa
  Lt. Kirk Johnson
  Lt. Vikram Dalmiya
  Lt. Matthew Hendrickson