The Emergency Medical Services Division

Each year millions of Americans require immediate medical attention for sudden illness and injuries. Responding to the needs of Ridgewood are the members of the Emergency Medical Services division of RES. Often working under difficult and hazardous conditions, our EMS personnel respond to over 1400 plus ambulance calls per year in Ridgewood, providing swift, specialized care for seriously ill and injured persons. The EMS Division is comprised of over 50 members between the ages of 17 and 'aging gracefully'. All are New Jersey State certified Emergency Medical Technicians and all are certified in cardiac defibrillation and CPR. EMT’s see a variety of calls, including patients experiencing difficulty breathing or allergic reactions, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians involved in accidents involving motor vehicles, as well as providing support for fire and police operations. Along with the emergency calls we also respond in town for special events such as:

  • Downtown for the holidays
  • Memorial Day Run
  • Fourth of July Parade and fireworks
  • Street fair
  • Car show

Once you have joined, you’ll be required to complete a probationary period that ranges from 6-12 months before becoming a full member. You will be required to staff a “duty night” overnight each week. Additionally, every 6 weeks you will be required to staff a 24-hr weekend shift starting Saturday night.
As an example, a member assigned to Tuesday would:

  • Be at headquarters from 7pm to 8pm on Tuesday to perform weekly training and rig-check.
  • Be available and 'in town' for calls from 8pm to 6am Tuesday night
  • Be available and 'in town' for calls one weekend every six weeks
  • Attend the department’s meetings and drills, as well as a few special events each year including Memorial Day Run and Fourth of July.

Prospective Members
As a volunteer organization, RES is always looking for those who would love to serve their community. If you are interested in becoming a part of our family, a tour of our facility is highly recommended and can be scheduled through TIES Captain Corrine Scarpa by calling (201)670-5589 or by emailing us at

Current Officers:
  Capt. Eric Frielink
  Lt. Peter Coti
  Lt. Amy Frielink
  Lt. Charlotte Wilkins